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Work at Home Summit with Coach Caitlin Pyle

Have you ever wanted to work from home? I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home and I absolutely love it.

Working at home has given me the opportunity to help others as my best self.  When I worked outside the home, I would often struggle with anxiety and depression.  Simple tasks like getting dressed up and making the drive to work could throw a real wrench in my entire day.

Now that I work from home, I am able to harness my energy for the times when I need to leave.  I am much more productive from home and able to really dive in to my projects- which means I can better serve my clients.

Challenges of Working from Home

Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges associated with working from home.

The first challenge is creating a productive work space in your home. It’s easy to get distracted and easy for your family members and yourself to forget you are actually working.

The second challenge is choosing your niche.  What makes you ‘tick’?  How can you help people?

The third challenge, is knowing where to find legitimate work from home opportunities.

These are all challenges that Caitlin Pyle’s work-at-home summit can help you overcome.

Work from Home Opportunities are Increasing

As an insider of the ‘work at home’ movement, trust me when I say- work from home opportunities are growing daily.  Employers are recognizing the resources they can save by having their employees telecommute.

Some work-from-home job titles may include:

  • Blogger
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Content Contributor
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Digital Marketer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Remote ‘xyz-er’

Companies are also hiring employees specifically to work from home to do payroll, data entry, and secretarial work.  These are just a few work from home job titles.

So Where do You Begin?

Do a quick Google search of ‘work from home’ opportunities and you may be overwhelmed.

It’s tough to navigate what to look for, where, and to determine which opportunities are legit.  Once you find an ideal job title- how should you apply and what skills will you need?

These are all questions that my friend Caitlin Pyle can answer through her FREE work at home summit.

Work at Home Summit Leader

Work at Home Summit Leader, Caitlin Pyle was fired from her job in 2011.  She decided to take a leap of faith by starting a blog; her first attempt to work from home.  In the beginning she earned only a few hundred dollars per month.

Eventually, she was able to grow her monthly income to over $3,000 per month.  At this rate, she was able to turn her work from home side-hustle into a full-time endeavor.

Fast forward to 2018- Caitlin’s work-from-home business is earning over $200,000 per month and supports more than 25 employees, all whom also work from home.

What You’ll Learn from the Work at Home Summit

Here are some of the lessons you’ll learn — and the experts you’ll meet! — in the summit:

  • Making money as an affiliate marketer (with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner)
  • Landing your first work-at-home job (with Angie Nelson)
  • Becoming a virtual assistant (with Gina Horkey)
  • Making money as a writer/blogger (with Jeff Goins)
  • Identifying your work-at-home strengths (with Rosemarie Groner)
  • Exploding your income by offering digital marketing services (with Julie Stoian)

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