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Vision Shared: Goals

I have made it a goal to share my vision with others.  In the past few weeks I have told my friends, family, acquaintances, and 10 strangers about my future plans.  I have been analyzing this decision for almost six years.  What better time than now to make it happen!

I currently live in a townhouse with my two lab pups in Indiana. I want to move to South Alabama by August 2017 because I’m 28 and bored to tears.  I feel an emotional connection to this particular area- out of comfort and convenience- or maybe there’s something there that I don’t even know yet.  So my goal is to sell everything I have (I have way too much junk) and move to South Alabama- Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or Fairhope.

I have struggled with this decision because I don’t know what will happen or how I will make things happen.  Honestly, I’m a little scared.  I feel like I have ideas, hopes, and dreams- but I don’t know how to get things going.

What’s Holding Me Back?

I’ve visited the area with friends and on my own several times.  I lived there for a summer.  What’s holding me back?  Do I get a job then move or move and find a job?  Do I rent an RV, apartment, AirBnB, or try to buy a house?

On my entrepreneurial ideas list include: growing Mind over Metcon, franchising a SkyZone, Developing a App, writing business plans for others, leading box review social media campaigns, publishing books, and so much more.

My ten-year Goal

My ten-year goal is to own a house near the beach with wood floors, spare bedrooms, a large yard, a garden, and to pursue entrepreneurial ventures- eventually so I can help others start their businesses and turn their dreams into a reality too!

Have you ever just wanted to pick up and move away?  Or have you done it?   Share your advice in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter, or send me an email: mindovermetcon@gmail.com !  #VisionShared  #MotivationMonday