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The Value of YOU in Your Business Ventures

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of comparison in a saturated market of online entrepreneurs, Twitter-famous teenagers, and overnight Insta-celebs.  It’s not hard to feel like  you’re wasting your time with your business.  However, I would argue that you are not wasting your time.

Daily I hear entrepreneurs say, “everyone is doing that.  There’s so much competition.  Should I even try?”

My response is, “Yes, you should try.  The competition is different.  Not everyone is doing that”

What makes your business unique is YOU.

Launch YOUR Business, Provide YOUR Services, Promote YOUR Products

If there are tons of entrepreneurs in your niche- great!  That means there’s a need in the marketplace for your product or services.  Customers are having problems that your business can solve.

So launch your business anyway.  If you can solve a problem for a certain customer, then your business idea is a good one.

What makes your business, services, and product different- is YOU.

What will keep customers coming back is your ability to solve their problems and their emotional preference in your solution.


What You Do With Your Business Important

What you do with your business is important.

Maybe you:

  • Save Lives
  • Feed Families
  • Rescue Animals
  • Teach Children
  • Inspire Greatness
  • More…

What you do is important.  What you don’t do that you are capable of doing, is equally important.  Get emotionally involved in something that matters.  Decide to take a risk in your business.  It’s your choice.

Even if it’s a similar business idea- how you deliver that idea, provide the service, or promote a product is going to be unique to YOU.

What Makes You Unique

What makes you unique are your:

  • Experiences
  • Expertise
  • Thoughts, Values, & Actions
  • Network
  • Style and Delivery

In The Art of Living, Proctor states, “One of the Biggest Mistakes we Make is thinking that everyone thinks the way we do.” (Proctor).

Not everyone thinks the same.

This is what makes you unique whether you try to be or not!


Give your Business Ideas Focus & Imagination: It’s YOU that made this.

Give your Business Ideas Focus & Imagination.  Show up.  Be present mentally.   In order to be successful, “you must get emotionally involved” (Proctor).  If you must hire a team, train your team to match your message.  Create ‘one voice’ in your organization.  This matters.

So get involved, focus, imagine, and remember YOU are unique.  Only YOU can bring forward your experiences, expertise, thoughts, actions, network, and style. The focus and imagination is what will keep your business going and keep your customers coming back for your solutions.


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