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This is my story!    

I Sold Everything and Moved to the Beach

Remember my #VisionShared Post?

I’m happy to say I have finally sold everything and moved to the beach!  There are still a few loose ends here and there, but with the power of a vision board, support of my friends & family, a plan, and flexibility, I made it!

This is how I pitched, gave away, sold everything and moved to the beach…


Throwing things away is hard for me to do.  It’s something I have had to learn and practice.  It used to be painful to throw away things because I would think things like:

  • “what if I need that” or
  • “I could have used that” or
  • “I know someone that might use that” or
  • “I can lose this…”

The problem with those thoughts are: by the time you need it- you have no idea where it is.  You thought you could use it, but it really doesn’t fit what you need now.  Or the person you thought would use it didn’t really want it.  Finally, most things are stored online now- just let it go.  (that’s what I tell myself anyway).

When I first started throwing away things, I started with junk mail.  The simple act of throwing away envelopes and old bills was refreshing; it was like a weight had been lifted and my mind cleared.

I went from 3 large rooms full of ‘stuff’ down to about 8 tubs of ‘stuff’ and I still have more than I need.  This is the stuff I threw away:

  • Trash (duh)
  • Old Clothes
  • Stuff I won’t admit I threw away because my mom will probably have a heart attack… I’m fine, mom. 🙂
  • Makeup I never used
  • Trial Size items that I would probably forget about
  • Momentos, Cards, notes, and other things that served its emotional purpose- including some gifts.  If it no longer has a function, you do not have to keep it.  It still happened whether you keep the dirty sock reminder or not.
  • Old Gross Shoes
  • Things that no longer had a purpose or a place
  • Keepsake items I hadn’t used/missed in 2+ years


When I hesitate to throw away something that I know I should throw away, I tell myself this:  Disconnect with stuff.  Remove the emotion.  If I haven’t used it in a year or more, I won’t miss it.  If it’s something I just can’t part with, then I’ll pass it on to someone that needs it.    Which leads to…

I Also Gave Away a Lot of Stuff.

I had some items too nice to throw away, but not nice enough to sell.  I donated, gave away, or re-homed these items:

  • 4 Bags of Sweatshirts to Special Olympics Donation
  • 8 Bags to Goodwill
  • 2 Bags of Puppy Supplies to Lolin
  • 1 Small Desk & Drawer (Goodwill PickUp)
  • Softball Gear & Catalyst Bat
  • Officiating Gear and Supplies
  • Golf Cleats and Other Shoes
  • Cute Utensil Holder
  • Queen Bed, Box, Frame, & Headboard
  • Couch w Full Size Pull Out Bed

Why I Pitched, Sold, & Gave Away Stuff I Didn’t Need

There were several reasons why I decided to pitche, sell and give away ‘everything.’  Mainly, I have way too much stuff.  I didn’t want to keep moving it everywhere.  It’s just stuff.  It’s taking up physical and emotional space in my life.  I need to make room for what’s important.

To me, TV is not important.  I hardly ever watch it.  I’m always on my computer and listening to music instead.  A washer and dryer is a convenience; I can use the washer and dryer at my facility.  I definitely needed a bed, but I had a plan to replace it.

I wasn’t willing to pay $800 + mileage for a moving truck when most of my items were already sold.  I didn’t have anyone that could help me move big stuff (and I’m too stubborn to ask).

I considered living in an RV but couldn’t get it done in time, so instead I moved from a 2 bedroom townhouse to a 644 square foot 1 bedroom apartment.  I love it.

Here’s a quick list of why I sold everything:

  • Declutter
  • Simplify
  • RV Life
  • Focus
  • Saved $800+ on a Moving Truck
  • Minimalist Wannabee (Renee says I have A LONG way to go, haha)!
  • It’s just STUFF

Tips for a Successful Transaction on Facebook Marketplace

There are a few things you need to do in order to have a successful transaction on Facebook Marketplace.

First, make a reasonable offer.  If they are asking $500 and you offer $100 it’s probably not worth it for them to sell.  Second, make sure the items you are selling are in good, working condition.  Third, communicate quickly, efficiently, honestly, and openly.

Get confirmations on interest and move fast.  No holds.  The first person to confirm and be able to meet the quickest is the one you want to sell to.  As a buyer, be quick.

Don’t back out if you have an offer.  It can be tempting if it’s something you really like, but if you’re really trying to sell it then it’s time to cut the ties when an offer is on the table.

Generally, big items are pick-up only, but sometimes you can have an item delivered for an extra fee.

Set specific times, dates, and locations for pickups.  Communicate clearly.

Meet in a common space for small items (gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) or have someone go with you for the meeting.   If they are coming to your residence, just be careful and have someone there with you to avoid any unsafe situations for either party.   No need to post drama or details in the description.  Just list the item, condition, and plan to answer any questions the buyer has.

Sometimes you have to try a different category or change the headline.  I tried this on a few items and it worked really well.  You have to think, what term will the buyer be searching rather than what is the name of the item.  Keep it simple in the title ie: ‘TV’ ‘Couch’ ‘Bed’ and put necessary details in the description.

Post Timing & Pricing Strategy

I noticed that post timing and pricing strategies matter when it comes to a successful transaction.  Most shoppers get paid every two weeks and they pick up on the weekends.  So the best time to post or renew a post is every other Thursday (before pay day Friday) at or after 12pm (noon).

If you want $20 for an item, list it at $25 or $24.  Most people will ask if you will take a price lower, so you want to post the item at a price a little above your bottom dollar.  The ’24’ is a sales trick- it looks cheaper to the common eye than $25 even though it’s still in the range you want, with flexibility to go down in price.

HOT ITEMS that Sold Well on FB Marketplace

I had a lot of messages about these items:

  • TV
  • Phone
  • Electronics
  • Cube
  • Bed
  • Dresser
  • Furniture
  • Anything New

Dud Items that didn’t sell Well on FB Marketplace:

These items were not popular on Facebook Marketplace probably because of their type or price.  Most people have to drive to meet or pickup and if the items are only $4, they likely won’t show because it’s just not worth their time or gas money.

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen Stuff
  • Phone Cases
  • Anything under $20

HOW I SOLD“EVERYTHING” ON Facebook Marketplace:

About two years ago, I started casually posting things for sale that I didn’t need anymore.  I started with small items that had been collecting dust – iphone 4, ipod nano, wireless keyboards, etc.

Previously, I hadn’t had much luck selling stuff online.  So I was cautious and posted only a few items at a time.  With the new Facebook Marketplace phone app, I was very surprised at how quickly many of my items sold.

After a few successful transactions, I was hooked!  I kept adding one or two items a week until it was all gone!  Here’s the list of items sold in no particular order:

  • Washer & Dryer  $400
  • Couch & Loveseat $500
  • TV $400
  • TV Stand/Dresser $100
  • Decor $65
  • Bed + Box + Frame + Headboard  $325
  • iPhone 6  $600
  • XL Crate $60
  • iPhone 4 $75
  • iPod Nano $40
  • Golf Clubs $125
  • Cube Organizer + 8 Cubes $80
  • Twin Bed + Box + Frame + Sheet Set $120
  • Digital WiFi Radio $25
  • Designer Capri Jeans (2 pair) $150
  • 3 Pane Window Mirror $40
  • Patio Furniture $175
  • 1 Dresser Drawer $25
  • Kitchen Table & Chairs $350
  • Heels $25
  • Large Bottle of Hemp Lotion $5
  • Large Travel Crate for Dogs $60
  • King Size Headboard $75 Commission  $10
  • Parents’ Couch $350 Commission $100
  • Kids’ Dresser $50 Commission $0
  • Rocker Chair $80 Commision $0

Total: ~$3,855.00


Getting the Essentials for my New Place

Facebook Marketplace!

So Far I have bought a NEW King Size Bed on Facebook Marketplace.  With the money I made from my bed, the new king only cost me $60!  Plus, the amazing couple delivered the bed (for a fee) and helped me get it upstairs.  There really are good people out there 😉

I don’t plan on taking in any other items for while.  I’m still practicing minimizing.  It’s an ongoing process.  I don’t want to be consumed with STUFF and constantly managing my THINGS.  #goalz


Along the way, I met some really cool people.  Some were moving, divorcing, getting married, doing projects, buying a cabin, replacing a rental home appliance, learning a new sport, or doing other life stuff.  It was neat to meet these people and made me realize that we all have different stories.

So I sold it all.

Then I moved to the beach… 

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