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3 Reasons Why New WordPress Bloggers Should Use SiteGround Hosting

This year, I made the switch from BlueHost to SiteGround.  I am extremely happy with this decision.  I heard of SiteGround through trusted blogger friends.  When my annual hosting renewal came around this January, I made the switch.  The switch was easy and definitely worth it.  Here are 3 main reasons why I decided to switch to SiteGround and why you, a new WordPress blogger should use SiteGround too!

#1 SiteGround Host is Super Fast!

The host is extremely fast which is important for increasing your SEO.  If your site is slow, users will leave which will cause a dip in traffic, less conversions, and therefore a lower overall rank from Google.  If you want to increase your site ranking, you need a fast host.  SiteGround hosting service was built specifically for WordPress users with speed in mind!

#2 SiteGround Hosting is Secure

SiteGround uses advanced technology to keep your website extra secure from hackers.  Also, you can easily secure your web domain from http:// to https:// which was a headache of a switch with my previous host.  Luckily, I was able to hire a guy to help me secure my domain and website.  SiteGround makes it easy to keep your content safe on the web.

#3 SiteGround Support Team Rocks

I can’t say enough about how much the SiteGround support team rocks.  I had to contact SiteGround a few times for minor issues.  Usually I dread contacting support teams and I’d rather spend hours trying to figure it out myself; however SiteGround was easy to contact and solved my problems right away.  They are available on chat, phone, or email.  This can save tons of time if you are struggling with one little or big issue.  They were knowledgable and went above and beyond to explain the solution to me.  I approve.

If you have a WordPress website or blog with another host, you can have your entire site (including same domain name) transferred free, quickly, and easily to SiteGround.  I waited until my current hosting plan was about 2 days away from renewal and made the switch.  You can schedule a transfer a few days earlier than that, and note that it may take 24-48 hours for content to populate.  (So do it on a weekend).

If you don’t have a WordPress site, you can still get a free transfer, but the content will have to be manually entered into your new theme. You’ll also have to point mail records to the new host (but keep the same email address).

I also love the SiteGround pricing.  I was able to secure hosting using the StartUp plan for under $75 for the entire year.  That’s tough to beat for a quality service.  If you need a domain and site security (must have or you’ll get tons of spam calls and emails) then expect to pay under $100.00 for the year.  That’s cheap overhead.

Growth Plans for New Bloggers

Hosting Plans for Blogs of All Sizes

Every blogger launches with the hope to have millions of regular visitors.  With millions of visitors though, you want to make sure your hosting plan can accommodate the traffic, otherwise your site will crash and you’ll lose those leads that you worked so hard to create.  My advice for new bloggers is to start small and pay close attention to your stats.

There are three growth plans for new bloggers offered by SiteGround:


  • One website
  • Suitable for newbies who are just starting with their website
  • Up to 10,000 unique visits per month and has the first level of our
  • Includes first-level SuperCacher plugin enabled which is static cache
  • 24/7 client support
  • Free CDN
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL: ‘secure’ https://
  • Unlimited Emails & DBs,
  • Free site migration,
  • Free daily backup


  • Multiple websites and this plan can handle up to
  • 25,000 visits per month
  • 30 backup copies and free restore
  • All 3-levels of our SuperCacher, which aids loading time tremendously,
  • Customer support with priority (Super Support)

Go Geek

  • Multiple websites
  • 100,000 visits per month
  • All Features of Start Up & Grow Big Plans
  • +1-click WP staging, pre-installed git, PCI compliance and fewer accounts on the server.

Hosting Decision Made Easy: Choose SiteGround

This is a hosting decision made easy by trusted refferrals, honest reviews, and my personal experience.    If you are an existing WordPress user and unhappy with you site traffic or load time, switch to SiteGround.  If you are brand new, skip the headache and choose SiteGround as your host.

Ready to begin?  Sign up for SiteGround Hosting Here!