This page is a free resource that references only my most favorite products and services in a quick list.   You may see these same items promoted in my posts, courses, or other places, as they are my favorites.




These are some inspirational books I love and recommend! 

[Think and Grow Rich] by Napoleon Hill

I have been studying Think and Grow Rich for months now and I absolutely love it.  It’s a classic, with tons of inspiration for the creative types.  If you need a good pick-me-up, this book will get you there.  I have read and re-read it several times already and I plan to continue studying this book until I actually grow rich.  [don’t tell author, Mark Manson though because he’d say I’m not that special]

Call me crazy, but Bob Proctor agrees with Hill and he’s doing alright! Which brings me to my next recommendation,

[The Art of Living] by Bob Proctor

My grandpa sent me this book in the mail and I absolutely love it.  In The Art of Living, Proctor teaches prosperity.  If you want to learn how to obtain whatever it is that you want in life, how to erase negative thinking patterns, and how to arrange your work for maximum effectiveness; you should read this book!

Thanks, Dann! 

[Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life] by John Townsend and Henry Cloud.

Now I’m practicing when to say yes and how to say no.  It’s freeing really.  I feel confident that I won’t be guilted into any decision any more.  This is not only beneficial for me- but also for those around me. If I choose to give my time, energy, resources, money- they won’t have to worry that I’ll be regretful later.

Read my review of Boundaries here.

[Reinvention Roadmap] by Liz Ryan

This book was provided good shake-up to my never-ending job search.  Learn how to get the job and career you want and deserve with this fun, inspirational read.  You’ll learn how to brand yourself, how to create a human-voiced resume, and how to run your career like a business.

Read my full book review here:  Reinvention Roadmap.

[The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK]  by Mark Manson

Just finished this book and it did not disappoint.  Although it was kind of a downer, It’s not quite what you think; the author says you actually do have to give a f*ck about some stuff, but it nails down what we should and shouldn’t give a f*ck about.

Although Manson would probably hate to be on my books to inspire list, check this one out.


Ideas to Help You Make More Money

[ROVER]  Pet Sit!

Love pets?  Apply to be a Rover sitter in your city.  You can have dogs stay in your home, take care of dogs in their homes, do drop-in visits, or take 30-minute walks with dogs.  I am a Rover sitter in Gulf Shores!  The cash out process is easy and my pups love making new doggie friends.

Read more about my opinion on Rover as a possible side-hustle in this post.

[UBER]  Drive!

If you own a four-door car, you may be eligible to become an UBER driver.  My brother has been an UBER driver for several months.  With a great strategy and some persistence, you can make good money driving UBER.  People appreciate the ride.

Read more about how my brother made almost $400 in 3 days while on vacation, driving UBER.

[Digital Antenna: Free TV] Cut Cable!

Save average $100/month by canceling cable!  I’ve saved $6,300 in 5 years by simply not having cable- and I still have great tv shows I can watch.  It’s all possible with a Digital Antenna.  

You can save money & get channel 13 free with a digital antenna

[AirBnB] Share Your Space

My long-time friend, Alyssa has used AirBnB to travel the world and she recommends it!  She has met some really cool people and shared in unique experiences while staying with others this way.  

Check out what Alyssa has to say about AirBNB here!

[The Scholarship System]  Earn a Scholarship!

High School Juniors, college seniors, adult learners –  you CAN earn a scholarship! Learn proven strategies to find and secure college scholarships at any level.  Your post-college self will appreciate it when you don’t have student loan burdens.

Sneak a peak at  4 College Search Strategies Revealed here!

[BlueHost]  Start a blog for less than $5/month!

Want to start your own blog?  Use my affiliate link to launch your blog through Bluehost for less than $5/month.  This is a great low-cost option to dip your toes into the blogging world.  If you have intention of monetizing your blog (or you’re unsure if you want to monetize) Bluehost is a great tool to get you started and provides a one-click WordPress Install, making it easy to launch today!


Wanting to start a blog?   These tools will get you going in the right direction!

[SiteGround]  Start a blog for less than $100/year

Another great hosting option is SiteGround.  SiteGround promises 99.9% uptime and also offers a one-click WordPress Install option.  If you’d like to start your blog for less than $100/year, use my affiliate link to launch your blog through SiteGround today!

[Tailwind]  Grow your Pinterest following fast!  Increase your website traffic.

I recommend using Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram.  Join tribes and easily schedule your pins for the best posting times.

For more information on how to maximize your reach on Pinterest, read my article Pinterest Strategies that Work! 

[Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course]

Want to learn how to make money online?  Michelle offers a fantastic course that will teach you how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing simply described is the opportunity to earn a commission for referring products and services that you already use and love online.  Michelle makes $100,000 per month on her blog, half of which is earned through affiliate marketing.  So why is it that some bloggers don’t make any money online with affiliate marketing?  Learn proven strategies that work for Michelle and connect with her elite group by signing up for the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course today.

I recommend this course to:

  • Any business owner with a website
  • Website Owners that would like to earn passive income online
  • Age-Old Bloggers that would like a refreshing look on an old practice
  • Digital marketing professionals looking to train employees
  • Entrepreneurs, Stay-at Home Working Moms, Online Business Owners

This course has helped me understand affiliate marketing on a deeper level, provided specific strategies to increase conversions, and given me an online network of highly valuable resources.  If you are seriously considering making money online, this is the best course out there to invest in right now.

[KI MEDIA SERVICES]  WebSite Design, SEO, Content Management

Need a website for your business?  Ki Media offers full web builds, SEO services, and Content Management to match you brand.

I am currently accepting new clients.

Contact  for more information and pricing.


[CrossFit Essentials]

Quick guide to what you need to get started in CrossFit!



[Puppy Essentials]

Did you bring home a new puppy recently?  I’ve fostered 13 puppies in the past 2 years.  It took me a while to learn what I needed and what I didn’t.  Save time and money by checking out my puppy essential shopping list.


Need a pet sitter?  Find one with Rover!  Use my link and get $20 off your first service!