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I am Rebranding Mind over Metcon to Kilah Kathleen & Here’s Why!

Hey ya’ll!

I’ve been working on rebranding Mind over Metcon for the past few days.

While I loved blogging on CrossFit topics,

“I have decided to go a different direction” #kilah (TWEET THAT)

You might be wondering WHY?!  So… let me explain!

I decided to rebrand Mind over Metcon  to simplify.

Blogging is personal and informal in nature.

Although I consider myself a “professional” blogger, I still want to be known as myself.  > hey that’s me! <

I LOVE CrossFit and I plan to continue promoting CrossFit through my posts, but I have other interests too.

Instead of launching 5 different websites, I’m rebranding to Mind over Metcon my own name, Kilah Kathleen.

No, this doesn’t mean the site is going to be all about ME.

In fact, I will still write about

  • CrossFit
  • Mindset
  • Puppies

…but I’m going to add a few new options too… stay tuned!

  • Business
  • Making Money
  • Saving Money
  • Coaching
  • Pups
  • &More

I want to share a variety of my interests from one website, simplified (which is not always simple).

I want to be myself – honest, and raw with no one wondering… who the heck wrote this?!

And anyway,


So that’s the story on why I’m rebranding MindoverMetcon to KilahKathleen.

It’s still me, only better.

Thanks for being my friend, yo.