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I’ve been spending a lot of time Pinning lately and here’s what I’ve learned. 

Pinterest is The Ultimate Vision Board!

Pinterest is a social media platform that is growing in popularity daily.

It’s loaded with images and ideas for anything you want to try or learn, like:

  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • Crafts
  • Home remodeling
  • Organization
  • Travel ideas
  • +so much more!

What’s great about Pinterest for business is that it’s not only a social media site, but it also doubles as a search engine.

Think of Pinterest as a “visual search engine.”

Unlike Facebook or Instagram  (contained social media platforms) Pinterest feeds directly to Google.

This means your post has the potential to reach a MUCH bigger audience and a bigger audience means a larger potential for conversions, sales, and new clients.  [cue the happy pins]

Plus, Pinterest is just awesome.

BTW, Follow @KilahKathleen on Pinterest ~!

I would love to Pin with you!  I’m currently pinning on 37 individual boards and 5 group boards.

My Boards Include:

  • CrossFit Motivation
  • Barbell Weight Training
  • Growth Mindset for Fitness and Life
  • Puppies!
  • Digital Marketing Ideas
  • Vision Board Inspiration
  • Affiliate Hacks
  • Money (Make More Save More)
  • Beach Mindset
  • +MORE!

My group boards are currently collaborating on organization, fitness, and motivation topics.

My biggest group board and top-performing board is CrossFit Metcons.  Email kilah@kilahkathleen.com to join this board.

There are so many ideas floating around on Pinterest that I’m sure you’ll find something useful there.

Businesses Should Learn THE Pinterest Strategy That Works

I’ve been using Pinterest since 2011.

Even then (when Pinterest was fairly new), I quickly realized that it was the best way to communicate with brands.  I started out pinning pretty stuff and stuff that looked interesting.  One day, while pinning on my business account I pinned a beautiful ring to my board titled ‘I WANT’  The business owner saw my pin on my ‘I WANT’ board and he actually reached out, got my information, and mailed me that ring FREE.  I was floored.  Turns outs, the said business owner was just starting to dabble in Pinterest.  He saw my pin and wanted to connect, which later turned into a client campaign opportunity and success story for us both.

If I hadn’t had a Pinterest account, I would have never made that kind of connection. Even though this happened years ago, there’s actually even MORE potential NOW to find new clients using Pinterest since more users are pinning.

Businesses are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites via rich pins.  More traffic = more viewers, more conversions, and more potential lifelong customers or leads.  Always look to make quality connections online as those will be the most beneficial than high numbers on any platform.

The #1 Social Tool to Grow Your Pinterest Following Quickly

Unless you have 3 hours to spend on Pinterest daily, you’ll need a tool.  The #1 Social Tool to grow your Pinterest following quickly is Tailwind.  Specifically, within Tailwind you can try Tailwind Tribes.

Use my affiliate link to try Tailwind for free today!  I also recommend manually pinning, but I use Tailwind to pin my own stuff for optimal impact.

So, Where do YOU Begin?!

The best way to get started with Pinterest is to use it yourself.

Use the Pinterest search bar to find a few things that you are working on, or something you’re interested in. For example, I started my blog with the idea that I’d be promoting CrossFit, Mindset, and Puppies.  So I searched terms like:

  • CrossFit
  • WOD
  • CrossFit + Workout
  • Paleo
  • Macro Diet
  • Barbell
  • CrossFit + Motivation

You get the idea.  After you understand Pinning as a user, try thinking of it as your business.  Ask yourself, What will you pin?  How? Where?  And Who will find the pin?  What value will they gain from the link in the pin?

Once you get your feet wet with Pinterest strategy, you can then start to advance your skills using automated tools and techniques.

I started studying advanced Pinterest shortly after my site launch in 2017.  With some help from Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents, I was able to get some fresh ideas and test them out.  Using Michelle’s specific pinning strategy, I grew my Pinterest audience from ZERO to 20.4k monthly views -in just 2 months!  If you want IN on the all the Pinning secrets, sign up for Michelle’s course using my affiliate link, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Here Are 5 SECRET Pinning Strategies that WORK:

#1. Create Beautiful Pins

My giant images in my posts are optimized for Pinterest.  Long, pretty images perform best on Pinterest.  I use the automated size provided on Canva.

Create beautiful pins to get readers from Pinterest interested in what you’re writing on your blog.

These images have an ideal size, which is revealed in Michelle’s course strategies.

Here’s my Pinterest image for this post:

#2. Make Your Pins “Rich Pins”

My pageviews doubled OVERNIGHT.  How?

I made my pins ‘rich pins.’  Basically, this means that the image will link back to my site directly, which also increases blog traffic.  Increase in blog traffic can result in more page views, conversions, sales, or clients.

In fact, you can also make money directly on Pinterest using your affiliate links.

This is another tip that’s explained in more detail in Michelle’s course.

#3. Create Board Covers

Board covers help users recognize your brand.  Branding increases interest and creates a recognizable mark.

So, by creating board covers that are reflected by your brand you are establishing credibility and helping your loyal fans find you.

My board covers are simple, and efficient.

You can see I used the same font and similar colors with a shaded background.

The board title ideally solves a problem or explains a category that you’ll be pinning about.

My Pinterest account much cleaner and more organized now that I have board covers.  They are simple and look like this:

#4. Join Group Boards

In our Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course secret strategy group, blogger, Tracie Fobes recommended that we join group boards on Pinterest.

With a quick search, I was able to locate and join more than 5 relevant group boards.

I’m still looking to join more on Crossfit, Mindset, Social Media, Digital Marketing, or Money-Making.  If you have a great group board, please contact me! kilah@kilahkathleen.com

I have also recently made my top-performing CrossFit Metcons Board a group board.  With almost 7,000 monthly views, this was a great board to turn into a group.  I’m currently accepting new contributors for my CrossFit group boards.  Simply email kilah@kilahkathleen.com to request to join.

Joining group boards has helped increase my Pinterest views and blog traffic tremendously.  I’m hooked.

#5.  How I Gained 41.6K Monthly Views in 1 Week

I gained over 40,000 monthly views in just one week by making one small tweak to my Pinterest account.  I updated my name and account description.  Instead of listing my username as “Ki Media” I change it to “KI MEDIA – kilahkathleen.com- Crossfit, Media, Mindset.”  I also updated my profile description from “kilahkathleen.com” to “media, crossfit, growth mindset, money, puppies, fitness, beach, weight loss, digital marketing, social media” Those are the main topics of my blog and main topics of my 37 Pinterest boards.

Instead of having little to no information in your description, list your full account name and the topics you are pinning about.  That way users will find your account when they search for those topics.

Here’s the actual before and after screenshots:

Before Updating Title & Description: 17.7K monthly


After Updating Title & Description: 59.3K Monthly






Now, I’m sitting at 148.2k Monthly Views!  My next goal is 300,000.

Now, Go on, Pin with Me!

  • Follow @kilahkathleen on pinterest for all the latest in CrossFit motivation, Digital Marketing, Puppies, and MORE!

Those are all the Pinterest secrets for today!  If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest strategy, leave a comment below or shoot me an email: kilah@kilahkathleen.com.