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Forgot your password?  

Been there!

Grab this Password Keeper  [Free Printable] to keep an organized, hand-written list of your usernames and passwords.

The first sheet on the password keeper lists common accounts like: email, facebook, twitter, etc.  and the second sheet has fill-in-the-blank options for you to add your own.

You can list your affiliate accounts, business accounts, other socials, or anything else that requires a username and password in the blanks below.

Keep Your Passwords Safe!

Be sure to keep your passwords somewhere safe and quit depending on your own memory to keep track of your logins. It’s painful.

*Hint:  Using Google Chrome browser, you can automatically save your passwords for quick, easy login.  Manage the passwords in the password manager from your browser.  Only select ‘save’ if you are using a personal computer.  If you use Google Email and your computer breaks down, simply login to your gmail via a chrome browser from the new computer and you should be able to recover your settings.

You shouldn’t save passwords on public computers and you may even want to clear your search history after public computer use for extra security.

In case the Chrome save breaks-down, you’ll need a back-up.  Use this:

Download Your Free Password Keeper Here:


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