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The cost of disease prevention is often much lower than costs spent to manage an established disease.  What’s your health worth?  

CrossFit Membership: Is it Worth It?

A CrossFit membership can often be a hefty monthly expense (ranging from  $80-$250/monthly membership); however the value is much greater than a cheap gym membership.  When you join CrossFit, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals.  You’ll surround yourself with positive influences, exercise more often, learn more about healthy diet changes, avoid preventable diseases, and increase muscle mass – which will help you remain independent as you age.

Before you decide to you ‘can’t afford’ a CrossFit membership, check out my ideas and mindset toward this investment in yourself.

These recommendations are all things I have done to afford my CrossFit membership.  My health is important to me, so I make it a priority.


If you have decided that your health is a priority, here are some ways you can afford your CrossFit membership:

1. Quit Paying for Expensive Cable

I haven’t had cable for about 5 years.  I have wi-fi for $40/month, but the extra $60 per month to watch one channel at a time wasn’t worth it to me.  I’ve saved $3600 in the past five years simply by not having cable.  I don’t miss it at all.  Instead of cable, I use a digital antenna.  With the antenna I get several basic channels so I am still able to watch popular shows like The Voice, Dateline, Scandal, Chicago Fire and more!  I use an antenna like this one.

With the internet I can watch anything on YouTube like music videos or CrossFit events.  I can browse the web on the big screen or I can cue up Hulu or Netflix.  I personally prefer Hulu since it has all of my favorite channels- Bravo, DiscoveryID, HGTV, it has several great movies.  It’s only $7.99 a month!

2. Launch a Blog

I finally decided to launch my blog and it’s keeping me extremely busy. I am full with excitement and hope.  If you have a blog inside of you, you should launch it.  If you’re not sure, read my post Blogging: How to Launch and Monetize.

Just want to write?  Try freelance writing through Upwork!  Or become a virtual assistant.

3. Give back for Extra Cash

If you are interested in building the future of our youth through educational and extracurricular communities, consider getting involved in these ways to earn a little extra cash:

  • Coach a sport
  • Officiate Youth Sports
  • Give Lessons in pitching, guitar, singing, etc.
  • Be a substitute teacher or instructional assistant
  • Teach and Tutor
  • Take tickets at the extracurricular events
  • Babysit, Puppy-sit, Clean, House-sit

4. Get Paid to Surf the Web

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

Just install the Swagbucks toolbar and do your usual internet surfing, browsing, shopping and you can earn cash back!

5. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Have unwanted gift cards laying around?  Cash them in using Cardpool.  It’s simple.  All you have to do is search the card you want to sell.  It will give you an instant offer.  I recommend browsing around for the best offer and taking any extra incentives. I sold a Starbucks card and a Maggiano’s gift card.  I took the extra money by getting an Amazon e-gift card, which paid out higher than other options. The process was easy.  I recommend selling any cards you don’t plan on using within a month.  Otherwise you might forget you have them and that money will just disappear.

6. Clean House w Facebook Marketplace

A great way to declutter so you can focus and make some extra money is to sell your stuff on Facebook Marketplace.  I’ve sold couches, dressers, decor, shoes, golf clubs, softball equipment, and more.  I haven’t had a lot of luck with clothes or dog items on Facebook marketplace, but I am planning to try out another channel- Letgo, Declutter, or OfferUp.  Come back to read my upcoming post on how to have a successful Facebook Marketplace transaction.

While you’re over on Facebook, like Mind over Metcon!

7. Become a CrossFit Coach

This one may seem obvious, but if you are passionate about CrossFit and have any sort of leadership or coaching skills, you could get certified to become a CrossFit coach.  If this is something that truly interests you and you’re willing to do what it takes to become certified- then you should talk to your box owner about getting an L-1 CrossFit Certification.  Often coaches save on memberships and also could earn extra income from coaching for the box.  You should only use this option if it’s something you’re truly passionate about.

8. Consolidate Your Debts

Consolidate your student loans and/or credit card debt into one easy monthly payment with a low interest rate.  If you are chronically ‘forgetting’ about Navient and that private university loan from 8 years ago, you can avoid tons of late fee throw aways by consolidating your loans.  For a full review post on this company please read my post, Save Thousands with Debt Consolidation Loans.

Mindset: CrossFit Is Like Personal Training

Think of CrossFit as personal training training.  At $150/month that’s only $5/day if you workout every day of the week.  The more you go, the less the cost per session.  So get your money’s worth and go as much as you can!

CrossFit Box owners take a huge risk offering month-to-month memberships.  If you quit, they lose your membership, which in turn affects their planning.  Don’t quit.

Of course, there are good reasons you may need to freeze a membership or make a change, but give it time and don’t get hurt!

How do you save money or make more money to afford your CrossFit membership?  Comment (blog post links encouraged), Tweet @mindovermetcon, Message me on Facebook, or show me on Pinterest!