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REEBOK CrossFit Nano 7’s Shoe: Works for Me!

The official Reebok CrossFit team has recently released their 7th Nano version, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 7’s!

I was lucky enough to receive a complementary pair for working the Reebok CrossFit Games (THANK YOU!).  My Nano 7’s are all black and all awesome!  At first, I wasn’t sure they would stack up to my favorite purple Nano 4’s.  Turns out, I love the 7’s!’

I purchased mine a half size bigger than usual and I made sure they were laced up right.  My feet were a little sore after running the entire run/swim/run course on day one, but after that they were broke-in and ready to go!

I wear thick socks to help support my feet.

After wearing Nike Metcons for a year, I am happy to be back in a Nano shoe!

Team Member Feedback: Too Tight on the Top

Some of my team members mentioned that the shoe was not comfortable for them.  They said it rubbed their heels and was too tight on the top.

This could have been a new shoe issue or a sizing problem, but it was a common complaint.  The shoes will stretch over time, but not much.

I recommend buying a size large than usual and making sure your shoestrings are fitted properly.  As with any new athletic shoe, they usually take time to ‘break-in.’  Spend some time just walking around your house in the new shoes before wearing them for a long day or workout.

Nano 7’s Great for CrossFit Workouts

The Nano shoes are great for CrossFit workouts because they bow wide on the sides with extra webbing to support your feet during lifts, yet light enough to run, jump, and do burpees in! #yayburpees

Other shoes might be too heavy to do all the CrossFit movements in.  Also, with traditional running shoes, your pinky toes may break through the shoe from so many squats!  Nano’s are made for CrossFitters.

Looking for a CrossFit Lifter to use during barbell training? I recommend the new Reebok Lifter shoes.

Personally, I love the Nano 7’s!

What do you think??

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