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This is my most recent Income Report, Social Stats, and Blogging goals!


About Income Reports 

If you’re new here, you may be wondering why in the world I would share this information.  I was hesitant to do so at first; however if my story can inspire even one person to see a solution in finances, health, fitness, or just… life, then my mission will be accomplished.  

If you aren’t new here or you are familiar with income reports- skip ahead, I have made some exciting progress!

I am publicly posting this income report to better define my goals, plan ahead, and share a quick peek at what has been accomplished so far!  There are many ways to make extra money online and in ‘real life’ too.  So here it is:

My Business Story: Second Six Months

  1. After years of hesitation, I launched this blog in January 2017.  At the time I was still employed as a teacher.  Although I loved the students dearly and had a very comfortable position, I knew I needed more and I knew I had to expand my reach.  So at 3AM on a Tuesday, I launched my blog. I spent countless hours before and after school obsessing over blog strategies and details.  It was work, but so much fun.  I felt excited about life again.
  2. I Sold Everything and Moved to the Beach.  Again, dreaming for years of living in a small town with a big beach- I finally made the leap, stretching my risk muscles once again.  I sold everything on Facebook Marketplace over the course of 3 years, and you can read all about in my post!  
  3. I rebranded and redesigned my blog.  Some have questioned my personal branding, but after reading an article from my blogger friend, Melyssa Griffin – I decided to name my blog after myself.  This way I can keep my blog going long-term, let it change as I change and adjust as I adjust.  With this personal branding, I am able to use my blog for more than just writing posts.  I offer Media Services and Courses from the same page.  Again, a personal decision.  I’d rather have one blog that serves as my ‘everything’ than several blogs that I have a hard time keeping track of.  So far, I am happy with these decisions and I look forward to continuing to grow even more.   
  4. I’m now able to work on my blog full-time. It’s awesome!  I quit my teaching job much too early, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my lights turned off (twice) but I had to take the leap and make these sacrifices.
  5. I’m a full-time MBA Marketing Student at CSU Orange Beach!  Classes are going well.
  6. I made it to the CrossFit Games!  (On the Broadcast Media Team).


Business Accomplishments second 6 months:

  • I was invited to the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games as a Member of the Media & Broadcast Team!  
  • Gained 148K monthly views and 500+ Followers using these specific Pinterest Strategies   
  • I took on 3 New Web Design Clients: Pelican Insurance Agency, MPI Posture, and Mebel Cabinets Gulf Coast
  • Finished the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course and Collaborated on projects with my fellow students
  • Made my first (of many) affiliate sales! #lovepassiveincome
  • Published tons of social media and website content services for Gulf Shores CrossFit and Pelican Insurance Agency.  
  • Switched my website to SSL !  I know a guy.  Thank you, Grayson Bell.  
  • Updated my Media Kit
  • Updated my Recommendations page
  • Added a Media Services Store and Page Navigation on my Top Menu
  • Updated old posts using new strategies

Goals for Next Month

  1. 3 New Website Clients
  2. $3500/month or $300/day
  3. 300K Monthly on Pinterest / 600 Followers

Social Reach: 162,451

Social Statistics are an important part of influencer reach.  My reach is a combination of all social media channels.  

I have focused the most on growing Pinterest, which is the account that is performing the best.  Now that I have a few months under my belt, I am going to continue working Pinterest and start focusing on growing my email subscriber list.  

Tools I Use to Grow my Social Media Reach

I use these (4) tools to help grow my social media reach:

  1. Tailwind
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Shareaholic Plugin
  4. Sumo Plugin

With these three tools, plus manual sharing I am slowly rebuilding my new audience.  

Current Projects I am working on:

  • Meeting with Annalisa Parent, The Writing Gym
  • Starting a MeetUp for Digital Marketers in Gulf Shores
  • Creating a Free Course and Pre-Sale Advanced Course
  • Answering Media Questions via Blog Posts
  • Building my Book of Business
  • Building my Email List

These are my big goals for January 2018.  I will be updating my income reports monthly this year.  


Total Blog Income July-Dec:  $10,575.00

My total income has increased a lot in the second six months.  I am focusing on Web Design Clients and providing Social Media Services, including website content.  

    • Media Services: $6,000.00
    • Web Design: $4,000.00
    • Affiliate Marketing: $425.00
      • Tailwind Credit: $30 (not included in total)
      • SiteGround Hosting Referral: $150

Learn Advanced Affiliate Marketing from Michelle!  Make money while you sleep.

I did not run sponsored content.  I have a limited amount of display advertising content and I have not maximized my service potential yet.  As you can see, I am barely getting by!  I supplement my blog income with a financial aid check for school (which I can just tally up to owing back to student loans), help from family members (thank you!) and taking on side-jobs like pet-sitting on Rover.  

My income goal for January 2018 is $3500 for the month.  I plan to focus on media services and affiliate marketing through blog posts and social shares.  If you or someone you know needs a website or web makeover, please send them my way!  I can set them up with a beautiful website remotely!    

Blog Expenses July-Dec.:  $399.40

I’m keeping my blog expenses as low as possible as I try to catch up on my debt and build my monthly income.  

  • SiteGround Hosting: $3.95/month!
  • SSL Switch $42
  • Canva for Work: $5/month
  • Hootsuite: $295/yr
  • Tailwind: $15/month
  • GSuite Gmail: $5/mo
  • Invoice Maker $2.99/mo

I had to drop ConvertKit ($29/mo) which I really miss and hope to get back soon.  In the meantime, I will use MailerLite to collect email addresses.  I also want to purchase the Genesis Framework ($59.95) and StudioPress premium themes when I have a comfortable amount of money flowing in to the business.  Honestly, I didn’t want to pay for Hootsuite but I didn’t cancel the auto renewal so now I’m finding ways to use it.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Hootsuite but I can’t exactly afford it!  

Still Catching Up!

Between income and expenses, you can see that I am still catching up!  I have been a pro-blogger and virtual assistant since 2010 so I knew this would take a while to get started as a new venture in a ever-changing online world.

I have been trying to pace myself, but I’d say it’s time to run this thing full speed.  


Thank You’s: Bloggers That Have Inspired & Supported Me

Big Thank you’s so far go out to the following bloggers for their inspiration and support! (These are just a few!)

Thanks for your support!

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