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This is an easy fundraiser that doesn’t require delivery of products or lots of equipment.    

Why Fundraise for a Youth Basketball Team?

Youth basketball teams require equipment! Teams should do fundraisers if they are needing new uniforms, new shoes, basketballs, or other items.  Here are the two FREE Printables you need to successfully complete the free throw challenge fundraiser:

Skip traditional Fundraising Methods & Headaches: The Free Throw Fundraiser is Low-Hassle

The great thing about basketball is that it’s a sport that requires minimal equipment.  Even so, some athletes and their families mat not be able to afford items that their teammates and coaches want to buy in traditional fundraisers.

Remember those $40 cheesecakes you bought last year?


Skip the hassle of guilting parents to buy something they don’t really want, the hassle of dealing with a fundraising agent, and the hassle of tracking down orders, collecting monies etc.

Keep it Simple, Sweeties! All you need are these 2 documents and a cute sales pitch.

The Sales Pitch: Why You Should Donate to the Future of Our Community’s Youth

When I was in junior high my basketball team and I really wanted some matching basketball pajama pants and a sleek warm-up shirt.  After much prodding, our coach agreed that if we could raise the money, then we could get the matching pajama pants and sleek warm-up shirts.

So we set out to find out funders.

One of my first few pitches was probably a mumbled, “uh, do you wanna donate to my basketball team?”

Most would respond, what are you selling?

Or… what are you going to do with the money?

And, pretty much everyone was annoyed.

A unique and memorable friend of my parents heard my original grumbled pitch, and offered to donate but under ONE condition.

He said, listen, you need a new sales pitch.  Here’s what you say:

“I’m Kilah. Would you like to contribute to the future of our community’s youth?”

After some practice, I was able to master this line much easier than trying to mumble my own lines.

Through this interaction, he taught me something much more important than how to raise money; He taught me that word choice matters.

We ended up raising the funds to get our pajama pants and sleek warm-up shirts and I learned even more about the importance of communication skills.

Teach your team how to communicate during a fundraiser like Mr. Cook taught me.

9 More Benefits of The Free Throw Fundraiser Versus other Fundraisers

Other fundraisers can be just as effective, but some companies take a large portion of the earnings which can make the actual funds raised be much higher due to the exchange of a product.  If the product is not popular, the entire fundraiser may tank. Here are 8 more benefits of the free-throw fundraiser versus other fundraisers:

  • Practice Free Throws
  • Practice Goal Setting
  • Team Up, Community Building
  • Set Donation Possibilities
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • Low-Stress environment
  • Teach Honesty & Ethics
  • Positive Feelings Connected to Made Free Throws
  • Practice Math!

Sounds good, right?

Do you enjoy fundraising activities for sports or clubs?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  

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Idea Credit: Coach Brad Dickey, Franklin Community High School Boys’ Basketball Coach

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