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Fitness Refresh:  3 Easy Steps to Get Back In Shape

Ever wonder, “how did I get so off track?  I need a fitness refresh.”

Try these 3 Easy Steps to Get Back in Shape right away!

1. Forgive Yourself: Start Where You Are

Life happens.  We all get off track.  We have holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, and Wednesdays.  The guilt you feel from yesterday won’t help you feel better today.  What will help you feel better today is to accept where you are now and move forward.  Try to be better tomorrow. Sitting around crying about how much weight you gained eating cupcakes all summer, won’t change anything.  It happened.  Forgive yourself.  Move on.

2.  Keep it Simple: Use What you Have

In college, when my girlfriends and I needed fitness motivation, we would sit around making grand, complicated workout plans only to have them all fall through a day and a pizza later.  Sure it was exciting to make grand plans at the time and we felt like we had it all figured out.  We were really ready to fix it all, the problem was we planned more than we actually did.

Keep it simple.  If you want to workout more, go right now.  Maybe you want to add weights to your current routine… then do 3 sets of 10, now.

In fitness, every bit of work adds up.  Simple is easy.  Simple is refreshing.  Keep it Simple and use what you have.

You may remember an old post from me on BargainBriana.com:  Get Fit Friday: Week One where I encourage you to use what you have- old shoes and all and JUST DO IT.  This post still rings true!   Get out there and go.

3.  Make (1) Small Change Today

Healthy habits start with small changes and better decisions.  It’s easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed when you try to change everything at once.  Take it one step at a time.  Make one (1) small change today.   Again, you don’t need to plan- just make one decision at a time.  After you make a handful of decisions, your decision-making muscles will begin to strengthen.  Change takes practice.

Think of something you can control like how much soda you drink or setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier.

What’s one small change you can make today?

Fitness is a Lifestyle, Not Temporary

Fitness is a lifestyle, not temporary.  This is actually great news because it means you can start over right now!

If you need a fitness refresh, use these three simple steps.

Forgive yourself for yesterday, keep it simple for tomorrow, and make one small change today.  You got this!