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Looking for a CrossFit Competition?  Here are a few places that you may be able to find an upcoming CrossFit Competition!   Competitions can help keep you motivated in your daily workouts.  

Have you ever considered doing a CrossFit competition?  I competed in the Festivus Games in 2015, only a few months after starting CrossFit.  It was SO much fun!  

I prepared for the competition with strategy conversations, practice at the gym, and my favorite… rest.  After the competition, I felt energized and ready to take my workouts more seriously.  It really was a great way to boost daily workout motivation.

If you have considered doing a competition- or haven’t considered it at all- I recommend trying one!

There are tons of different competitions to choose from.  You can find individual comp’s, partner comp’s, or small group comp’s.  Levels range from super beginner (novice) to super advanced (elite).  Some competitions are held as a fund raiser, some are free, and some are paid entry with awesome swag and potential cash prizes!

The most popular competition is the CrossFit Open which starts around February each year.  It’s only $20 to enter and lasts 5 consecutive weeks (1 workout per week).  This is THE annual CrossFit competition- where the path to the Reebok CrossFit Games begins.  With only a $20 entry fee, why not sign up?  It’s a fun way to bond with members of your box and see how you stack up against other CrossFitters everywhere.  The sign up for this event is found on the CrossFit main site.

In the meantime, check out these resources to find an upcoming competition near you:

RX Competitions Site

RX Competitions


WOD Rocket

EMERGE Fitness

Emerge Fitness

BOX ROX Events

Box Rox


Search ‘CrossFit’ and your location to find upcoming CrossFit events near you!

Wod Buzz Events

Wod Buzz Events

Facebook Events

Facebook > Events > Search: CrossFit

Local Whiteboards

  • ZenPlanner
  • Wodify
  • Triib
  • Actual Whiteboard in Your BOX

State CrossFit Pages

This method will take a bit more digging, but if you’re looking for a competition in a specific state, you can check out the State-wide CrossFit Facebook Pages or Groups.

Facebook > Groups > Search: CrossFit + ‘State’  (ex: Indiana CrossFitters)

Many coaches post their events in these state-wide pages to help promote the event!

You might have to join the Facebook group in order to see the events.

Or visit a specific Box Facebook Page and check their events.  If you’re interested in attending for a competition and you may be able to find a post on their blog, website, or social pages.

Ask a Friend

Ask a friend if they know of any CrossFit Competitions coming up.

It’s likely that your CrossFit friend wants to do a competition too.

Throw together a team or compete individually and cheer each other on.

Competitions are much more fun with friends 🙂


Google IT!

It’s less likely to find a CrossFit competition in a newspaper since the audience for CrossFit competitions are so specific and most gyms have a limited advertising budget for the comp.  So, if you don’t find a competition on any of the above web locations, just google it!

Search Term Ideas:

  • CrossFit + Competition + (location)
  • CrossFit Competition “Near Me”
  • CrossFit Competition (year)

You should be able to find a few competitions in your area with these methods!  If all else fails- just ask your CrossFit coach or other box members what competitions they plan on doing this year.  It’s much more fun to compete when you have a fun group to hang out with between the workouts!

Good luck!

Where do you find CrossFit Competitions?