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Do You Uber?!

Did you know, you could make up to $200 (or more) per night driving your own car on your own schedule?  My brother has been driving UBER for a few months now and he has had quite a few of these $200 nights.  Here’s how he does it:

He Signed up to Drive UBER in Indianapolis

Signing up for UBER is easy:

  • Apply
  • Submit your driver’s license
  • Submit your car insurance
  • Download the App
  • Get a car inspection
  • Print your pass
  • Get Approved
  • Start Driving

They’ll also ask you to have 3 email references that promise you’re a good driver, and you they have a referral system that will help you earn bonus cash!

He Keeps up on Local Events

My brother decides when and where he wants to drive.

So he keeps track of concerts, college football games, festivals, and other big events that will draw large crowds to a certain area.  If you can drive uber in a ‘hot spot’ you won’t have to drive very far and you’ll be more likely to get more rides.

College nights on big campuses or big parties would be some of the events he’d like to know about in the area he plans to drive.

He Uses the App to Find ‘Hot Spots’ aka ‘Surges’

On an average night, he uses the UBER app to find ‘hot spots’ aka ‘Surges’

These surges are where riders are requesting a lot of drivers.

He says most of the surges happen around the airports or just anywhere.

Since he has the app, he can just drive to where the surge is and wait until someone needs a ride or get in line if several people need rides.

He Went on Vacation. And worked UBER!

My brother recently visited me in Gulf Shores from Indianapolis and he made over $350 in just 3 nights!

That’s more money than I have ever made while on vacation.

We had trouble figuring out how to get his information transferred, but once he got a new local inspection and an out-of-town plan, he was about to find surges in Fairhope and Mobile.

Also, Gulf Shores riders are seeing that rides are unavailable, but drivers see that rides are available so there’s a disconnect locally due to the previous UBER ban in this area.

Since Mobile is close and has a college town, he was able to get tons of rides there.

More Quick Notes About UBER

Here are a few more quick notes about UBER

  • Riders can request specific drivers
  • Drivers choose their hours & locations
  • Both rider & driver are tracked through the app for safety
  • Pay through the app (no cash transactions)
  • Use UBER to Make Trips out of Town that you were already taking
  • See How Much you made, Cash out Immediately
  • College Kids love UBER

New drivers are getting a $225 cash bonus after your first 30 trips (could be done in 1 day of driving)!  Sign up here using my brother’s referral link!

I am signed up to drive UBER and I may just try it this week to earn some extra cash!  I will keep you updated on my experience.


Have you tried Uber?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!