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Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!   It’s time to revisit our CrossFit and Barbell goals!   What are you working on this year?

CrossFit Skills Checklist

Got CrossFit skills?  Here’s a checklist of CrossFit Skills.  These are CrossFit skills you can do, skills you scale, and what you’re working on!  Grab this free CrossFit Skills Checklist and mark whether you ‘got it’  ‘scale it’ or are ‘working on it.’

You may be surprised to realize how many skills you actually can do!

Keep up the great work!

Barbell Tracking Worksheet

The best way to track Barbell progress is to actually write it down.

Whether you prefer to keep a journal, track with your gym software, or write on a piece of paper, a list of barbell goals and progress can help you visualize where you are and where you plan to go.

I’ve put together a quick list of Barbell lifts and boxes to write in your personal record numbers.  You can write in your new numbers every few months as you max out your lifts during your Barbell programming.  If you’re lifting on your own, make sure not to max out more than one or two lifts in one day.

Grab this free printable Barbell Tracking  worksheet today!

Smart Goals

In case you missed it, I wrote a post on how to set SMART goals.  This a specific way of writing goals that you can achieve.  I recommend posting your goals somewhere that you can see them every day.  Whether it’s your Barbell worksheet, CrossFit Skills, or the Smart Goals worksheet- a visual can serve as a daily reminder as to what you are working for!

Read more on How to Set and Achieve Smart Goals in 2018 here!

Motivation & Incentives

When setting goals, it important to create incentives for yourself!  Incentives are rewards for achieving goals.  Many people forget this step when creating goals.

If you’re setting smart goals, you should have an incentive ready for your end-dates and maybe even a few incentives sprinkled along the way to help you achieve your goals and stay motivated.

Good incentives support your goal and are an awesome motivator/reward to keep pushing through the tough days.

Add in some motivation and incentives and post those alongside your visual goals.

I’d love to hear your goals and progress.  What are you working on this year?  Tweet @kilahkathleen